Rugged field systems

Our aim is to provide the crucial missing parts to any air or surface unmanned system. While you can easily design and develop your vehicles in a lab or a workshop, once you have to leave that cozy environment, you need a completely different mindset. All the infrastructure that is a given at your premises, is out of your reach in the field, if you are not among the very few lucky ones with their own UAV airfield next to your workshop. Your improvised field solutions may even be fine during development and testing, once you have to make your case for a serious client with a demo flight or a presentation, you'd better up your game. Do you have a solution to these issues out there?

Independent power supply to:
run your ground control gear
charge your UAV batteries
keep you, the batteries and your drinks cool or warm
...all this without a depleted car battery at the end of the day...

Reliable mounts for:
RF box and antennas
ground station hardware

Safe storage and transport for:
the UAV or USV
mission control station
batteries, keeping them cool or warm
accessories, etc.

Cabling without clutter:
between the operator and the RF section
UAV battery charging stations
power supply and the rest of the system