We are a small technology company based in Budapest, Hungary. Our technical background is in RF, speciality CCTV, imaging and control systems. We have specialised in rugged field equipment design, development and manufacturing for over ten years now, but we started developing our own UAV and USV systems about eight years ago. Even though both our fold-up hexas and surface robots are successful products, our mainstay is now mission control systems, but we still fly our own birds for good measure.

Our largest customers are still in Europe, but we also have some US, Australian, NZ, Indian, Malaysian, SA, etc. sales. Most of them are UAV manufacturers, developers or distributors themselves, so we can rely on a very wide area of client expertise and feedback in our own development work.

Our job is very much rooted in a close cooperation with the technical staff at a UAV manufacturer/developer, distributor or at least a major end user organisation. Only based on our discussions we can come up with the best options for the client, and then proceed with the details right down to the individual modules and exact control layouts. There are no generic products here to push, when our primary function is to supplement or complete a vehicle system.