Surface Systems

Four Wheel Drive & Four Wheel Steering ROV Light

The main goal was to create a light surface robotic base without using tracks. Tracked vehicles are inherently heavy, hard to service and very inefficient at greater speeds. Also they have a fairly high COG, turn funny, scratch and mark all surfaces they touch. Our wheel based solution is easy to operate and maintain, light on its wheels on all types of off-road, paved and built-up terrain. It can crawl at a snail's pace, but it can still keep up with a running man on rugged terrain. It climbs stairs and can also negotiate 60°+ slopes on hard surfaces.


  • Four wheel drive - Four wheel steering

  • Independent motor and steering control enables sideways crab motion, oversteered sharp turns, pinned down turns and even sideways shuffle with counter-rotating wheels

  • All metal construction, CNC billet aluminium frame

  • 15km+ basic endurance, can be doubled without modifications

  • Basic real-time 4ch DVR/5 cam/video TX/telemetry camera payload on PTZ head with visible and infrared illumination

  • Optional high resolution thermal camera, gas sensors, etc.

  • Open telemetry system with high speed GPS and configurable OSD on the live video feed

  • Two complete sets of field replaceable wheels, a pendulum weight crawling wheel and soft rubber tyres for hard surfaces, built up areas and an all terrain mud wheel set for rugged off-road terrain

Technical specifications

  • Rigid axle coil spring suspension with articulating cantilever arms

  • Extreme structural flexibility, 85°+ frame articulation between the axles

  • Large caliber piggy-back shock absorbers with single/dual springs according to payload

  • Motor-on-axle (MOA) sensored brushless powertrain with active holding strength brakes

  • Dual redundant powertrain, steering and remote control options, the vehicle can lose all functions on one axle and it will still come home

  • Wheelbase: 550mm

  • Total length: 800mm

  • Total width: 420mm

  • Total height with PTZ head on middle section: 380mm

  • Total height with PTZ head on front section: 320mm (even lower COG)

  • Frame (TVP chassis) height: 260mm

  • Ground clearance at chassis: 140mm - 180mm

  • Ground clearance at axle cage: 70mm - 80mm

  • Total weight with current real-time 4ch DVR/5 cam/video TX/telemetry payload, including batteries: 15kg

  • Max. drivetrain power: 250W