Imaging & CCTV


We provide complete CCTV solutions for security and industrial process control with special customization capabilities. We can only pride ourselves on being able to come up with special solutions, because the extensive tooling needs and the skills gathered in our R&D made it possible for us. We will not push any specific product on our customers, because selling stuff is just plain boring. We will try to find the best existing solution for you, and if there is none available, we are ready to create it ourselves.

During the course of researching and developing the UAVs we had to modify and refine many off-the-shelf pro-, consumer and industrial components, but none more so than special cameras. Among these, the high megapixel/full progressive HD cameras are especially useful for other professional purposes. Even without a UAV, they are perfect choices for security, documentary or research imaging purposes with the specific gimbals and electronic remote control systems. As we have tinkered so much with devices over the years, further customization is always possible.

We haven't always been building UAV and USV systems, but we regard the Horus Periskop line the pinnacle of our learning curve. These systems involve so many different fields of science and engineering, that it's hard to forget, that the learning process cannot stop. We are not R/C enthusiast or hobbyists, our mainstay is security & industrial CCTV, control systems, radio frequency and speciality security gear. Our vehicles are not models that can carry payloads, but rather we needed methods to take our cameras, where we wanted them. As there was nothing available off-the-shelf that we could really use, we had to build them ourselves after much research, experimentation and design work.

Still, vision and control systems are our mainstay, so your enquiries about anything that might faintly be related to this are absolutely welcome.