Ground Control Stations

Custom Designed Ground Control Stations

All micro UAV ground station equipment suffer from sunlight, moisture and dirt sensitivity, or at least the operators do. We also don't like carrying too much gear around. We also hate wires and falling over general field equipment clutter. Most rapid response operations only require a few miles of vehicle autonomy, but they need it quickly, so there is never any time, and there is way too much pressure for the technical support team. We have been through the same experiences, so something had to be done about it.

No matter what your remotely operated gadgets are, fixed or rotary wing air, surface or just a simple throw-in robot, if you are serious about the above, we can design and build your ideal ground control station for you. All the stations we have made for our clients so far feature sunlight readable monitors, ergonomic controls, provisions for single and dual operator modes in highly integrated all-in-one control packages with portability and ingress protection. All our products are designed with production series in mind, but we build all the customised and prototype gear in house.


  • Package formats: from the Peli 1200 to 1700 sizes, any other on request

  • Package weight: 1.5kg to 30kg including all batteries and accessories

  • Rugged: IPX7 closed and transported, IPX5 operating (other levels optional)

  • Station battery endurances of up to 24 hours

  • Single or dual sunlight readable monitors, high nit and transflective types

  • Direct remote control: 8 to 26 or long range systems with 8-12 channels

  • Single transparent IP MIMO/COFDM and legacy hybrid RF links with separate RC/TM/AV modules

  • Remote control bands: 35/72/433/860/900/2400 MHz,

  • R/C types: all standard and LR direct R/C systems (proprietary, on request)

  • Autopilot control modem and telemetry bands: 433/860/900/2400 MHz

  • Video bands: 900/1200/2400/5200/5800 MHz

  • TBC stabilised CVBS SD analogue, full HD and other proprietary digital video links

  • Modular RF box architecture, in-hand, tripod, mast or vehicle mount

  • Various tracking antenna solutions

We design and manufacture compact ground control packages both with and without embedded PCs. As there are already a number of great UAV software solutions for the Android platform, we are also able to incorporate high end quad core A9 or Tegra 3 hardware in most stations. Using Android for vehicle control with a sunlight readable monitor, keyboard and additional touchpad already makes a whole lot of difference in the field.

If you already have your own vehicle system, but you still struggle with creating your own professional grade ground control equipment, just give us a ring, we'll design and build it for you, based on what you're currently using. Just forget using lame hobby grade R/C controls.