Fast Prototyping


Flexible prototyping is the key to practical research and development. You can build spectacular CAD models, run complete simulations and finite element analysis, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Unless you build working prototypes of the different versions of your designs, you simply won't know, if they are working at all. This is especially true to mechanical systems that nowadays even engineers tend to underestimate. Our design motto is: 'Get your mechanical systems right, so you give your electronics a fighting chance...'

We only came to know we can do 'fast' prototyping, because we had to do it many times in our development process, as well. We burned experimental electronic stuff right before installation deadlines, and we also crashed a demo airframe a week before an important flight demonstration. All this made it imperative to think and act fast, gather and organise ideas, and put them into a tangible form.

Please, let us know what you imagined, but couldn't yet put together, we can probably help you along the way.