Mobile antenna tracker

We've spent a couple of months on updating our various antenna tracker solutions lately. Here is one of the results of this endeavour, a fully enclosed 360° continuous turn 2x2 MIMO tracker with 15-19dBi panels.

It's fast and powerful enough to follow your bird even while the ground support vehicle is moving and making sharp turns on the road. The slip ring based construction leaves no cables hanging loose while still allowing non-stop rotation and tilt.

We also make 19-24dBi large panel versions with the same dual MIMO or diversity antenna setup and a similar mechanical structure both for fast assembly portable and radome covered permanent mounts.

The completely waterproof IP67 grade build and the 50N-m torque can withstand extreme weather conditions even without a radome or a roof box. Still, we find the stealthy roof box version the most elegant and especially the most practical solution to most UAV and USV applications. Being able to carry the entire long range ground RF setup assembled and ready for action at all times can save you a lot of time and many potential field assembly errors.