IP MIMO sector

Long range transparent IP MIMO link for the 2.4, 3.5 and 5GHz bands
Although we've originally designed the stealth mobile antenna tracker specifically for our MIMO IP link, it works with all kinds of RF modules that require either diversity or downright MIMO type antennas. We also had to consider stationary downlink and control antennas for a bunch of similar RF links, because an antenna tracker is not always the best or simplest solution. Here's our take on a 90° sector antenna based simple tripod setup that can easily reach 20-30km ranges with bandwidths of at least 10Mb/s. This is enough for simultaneous fullHD + SD video downlink streams and all the telemetry and control data you would ever need on the side. 90° sector coverage means that you only need to point the antenna in the general direction of your mission to cover the entire target area reliably.