Fully rugged GCS v4

The fourth generation of our fully rugged compact station is ready for production. The prototype was already built using the same batch technology, so very little modification is needed in the design for the series. The IT hardware is the latest Intel Core M architecture, so the elaborate cooling system is a bit of an overkill for the standard model. The sealed through-wall metal contact cooling interface is enough to keep even a Core i5-i7 in check, so the next step in its evolution may as well be a hw upgrade in the future.

Still, the Core M version already does everything you may require from a ground control station hardware including IP video decoding, map manipulation or even processing raw LIDAR data without breaking a sweat. Among many new extras the V4 also features a built-in spectrum analyser, which let's you check for possible RF interference up to 6GHz even before take-off.