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We are a small technology company based in Budapest, Hungary. Our technical background is in RF, speciality CCTV, imaging and control systems. We have specialised in rugged field equipment design, development and manufacturing for over ten years now, but we started developing our own UAV and USV systems about eight years ago. Even though both…
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Rugged field systems

Our aim is to provide the crucial missing parts to any air or surface unmanned system. While you can easily design and develop your vehicles in a lab or a workshop, once you have to leave that cozy environment, you need a completely different mindset. All the infrastructure that is a given at your premises,…
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Full RF link solutions for UAVs and USVs

COFDM, 2x2 MIMO, 4x4 MIMO, analogue, digital, SD, HD, transparent IP? We are going to help you choose from dozens of different RF link options. It doesn't matter if your desired version is just based on COTS type hybrid control and downlink modules, or you are aiming for the high-end fully digital COFDM or MIMO…
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Our new 3D printer

Our new 3D printer has finally arrived in good order. While we already use the other for prototyping and even some production, this one will be rebuilt with a much larger footprint to produce complete station frames in one piece. There are no stock 3D printers available in our desired size, so we have to…
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