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10″ rugged Android hand-held GCS

Our new rugged hand-held line has finally evolved into an all-in-one full ground control station that has both the necessary IT telemetry hardware and all the manual controls you need for various types of aerial and surface systems. Even though it features all IP67 grade parts and an IP54 waterproof overall build the complete system…
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Mobile antenna tracker

We've spent a couple of months on updating our various antenna tracker solutions lately. Here is one of the results of this endeavour, a fully enclosed 360° continuous turn 2x2 MIMO tracker with 15-19dBi panels. It's fast and powerful enough to follow your bird even while the ground support vehicle is moving and making sharp…
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New rugged hand-held ground control unit

This is our new fully rugged but still very light hand-held unit. It's designed mainly as a companion controller for a main GCS either for the pilot or the payload operator. The connection to the main unit is a single USB cable which handles both the controls and the HD video feed to the 7"…
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Fully rugged GCS v4

The fourth generation of our fully rugged compact station is ready for production. The prototype was already built using the same batch technology, so very little modification is needed in the design for the series. The IT hardware is the latest Intel Core M architecture, so the elaborate cooling system is a bit of an…
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