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If you've found us, you're probably into drones, UAVs, sUAS, RPAS, or whatever you think the current right way is to call a remote controlled or autonomous aircraft. There are thousands of different aerial and surface systems available, but even if the vehicles themselves are great, their ground control gear, the one part of the system you actually have to work with for any length of time, well, they still suck, big time.

Most of the available UAVs come with ground controls that are either stock or slightly adapted hobby RC grade gadgets, hardly the gear you would like to rely on professionally. Very few are designed and manufactured to purpose, so even if the bird is great, the system does not deliver its full potential. If it takes ages to assemble, if cables are hanging about, if you can't see the screen properly in direct sunlight, if the controls lack ergonomics, or it's not rugged at all, then it is not made for field use. It doesn't matter if your application is not military or LEA. If you have to work with it outdoors, you need the appropriate tools for the job.

This is peRISKop, our line of special ground control stations and complete UAV systems.

What will you find here? Sophisticated UAV/FPV GCSs, special hexa UAVs, robotic surface vehicles and - most importantly - a willing team of individuals ready to build your dream systems. Whatever your remotely operated project is, we can probably contribute with design, development, manufacturing and customisation services. It's hard to define what our real professions are, since the job requires so many areas of expertise, or rather, the constant willingness to learn. We are probably best described as electro-mechanical instrument makers with a passion for rugged field gear, simply because we have learned some important lessons of what is practical.

Our background is in speciality CCTV, imaging, control systems and RF. We've spent the better part of the last 20 years developing custom technical security solutions for various clients and applications. Because we can actually build in-house everything we design, you don't see cool concept only ray-traced 3D renderings here, just images of the real stuff, or actual steps of the development process. We don't rely on crowdfunding either, because we fully believe in what we do, to the point of actually putting all our time, efforts and our own funds into it.

Take a look around and let us know what you need. Make sure you check the news section, because we try to keep that part updated regularly. You may also find the gallery the most interesting, though. You know, one picture, a thousand words...

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