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WSMI2, the wearable solution

The system consists of only three light components fully compatible with the MOLLE/PALS military attachment standard. The fold-up chest console, the shoulder radio pack and the mini hand-held controller are all integrated closely to your body with minimal high flex cabling, without interfering with your field activity. Since it works perfectly with all heavy plate…
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RHH8, the compact RHH framework

A nice 8" version of our rugged handheld line. At less than 1400g with all options installed, this is something you can easily carry with even the smallest sUAS systems. This model also features extremely safe non-modal controls, so both vehicle and payload get their dedicated joysticks despite the small footprint. “RHH v3 and RHH…
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Rugged hand-held sUAS stations

Just a new milestone in our rugged hand-held GCS development... “RHH v3 and RHH LT specifications” RHH-v3-and-RHH-LT-specifications.pdf – 1 MB Light handheld stations, both fully rugged and light versions
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