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All of our current staff is Hungarian, and most of us grew up during the times while this place was behind the iron curtain. Because we got used to living in a shortage based economy, we've learnt how to be practical, inventive and especially how to do most things in house. Except for the odd…
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Rugged field systems

All these stations were built for specific clients and applications. Some of them are one-offs, but they are all extremely practical, and we've learnt from all of them over the years to come up with our current main production types. Because some of these units have left the building too fast at times, not all…
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RF link solutions

Except for short range and line-of-sight applications your GCS is usually better off with an external RF box, even if it's a handheld or a wearable station. This helps evading attenuation losses on extended antenna cables and makes your operators' coziest location independent from the best RF position in the field. We manufacture rugged RF…
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