• Rugged hand-held sUAS stations

    Rugged hand-held sUAS stations

    Just a new milestone in our rugged hand-held GCS development...

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  • OpenTX hw1

    Open systems

    Just as modularity, the open source approach also keeps long term servicing and upgrades possible. There are already a number…

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  • RHH gamepad and RHH mini marine 1

    Fully customised solutions

    All clients and all applications are somewhat different, so the ground controls must be able to fully reflect and support…

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  • IMG_5197

    Modular and light weight controls

    As your ground control station will serve you for a number of years and through several generations of different vehicles,…

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  • DSC00860

    Fully rugged controls

    There's a lot of misconception out there about ruggedness and IP numbers in general. While most of us just fly…

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  • DSC00054


    All of our current staff is Hungarian, and most of us grew up during the times while this place was…

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  • DSC_000001 (5)

    Rugged field systems

    All these stations were built for specific clients and applications. Some of them are one-offs, but they are all extremely…

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  • RF box with mounting adapter brick and cable

    RF link solutions

    Except for short range and line-of-sight applications your GCS is usually better off with an external RF box, even if…

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  • solar1 Peli 1400

    Field power solutions

    Solar power is the most practical solution for various field UAV operations, but there are still very few operators equipped…

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  • biggie

    Imaging & CCTV

    RF, imaging and speciality CCTV was our mainstay for more than a decade before we ended up with UAVs years…

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  • DSC00810

    Fast Prototyping

    We don't just put out photorealistic 3D images of design concepts and vapourware, we build the products as soon as…

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  • DSC01784

    Surface Systems

    A rather underestimated type of remotely operated vehicles, but surface systems are just as important as the birds. These are…

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