Eurosatory – Paris

Eurosatory - Paris

Well, this was our second 'debut' in the military, government and LEA markets. Plenty of questions and enquiries, lots of interesting people, and again, a few people wanted to buy one of our prototype ground station boxes right there. Two of them are serious UAV developers and operators, so they must know something. Probably this is one of the areas where we could make a real impact in this field. Looking around the competition we've only found some hobby level or commercial grade control systems that looked at least original. Even among these there were some that only made it there as part of a completely different military package, so we consider them vapourware. The only two existing or accepted categories of control stations seem to be the gadget level executive toy types and the military level boat anchor monstrosities that need at least two support personnel to be lifted.

France, or at least Paris changed a lot since I've been here. Last time, about twenty years ago they wouldn't even speak to me, although young people studied English at school even then. Now it's something completely different, people are helpful and smiling, even super nice when they watch me struggle with a bit of French. Making an effort really pays off.