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We’ve finally installed the vacuum table for the new CNC

We've finally installed the vacuum table for the new CNC, so it's ready for production. We still have to learn the quirks of this new machine, as this one is slightly different from our earlier mills mechanically, and it also came with a new control sw. We've also finished the CF version of the new…
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G10 prototype

The G10 prototype of the FPV control tray is finally ready. There's no interference, not even a hint of crosstalk between the modules, the whole thing just works perfectly. We're still going to build a second prototype from CF, but we already have some orders for this new model to be delivered as early as…
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New CNC machine

We've installed a new CNC end mill to work with much larger CF and G10 boards. Our new table size is 1000*750mm! This also helps with larger volume end mill jobs, and it gives us way more flexibility in the layouts. The vacuum table still needs to be installed properly, but as long as we…
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FPV control

The FPV control tray design for our new modular station is coming along nicely. We seem to have squeezed in everything we needed for both the direct RC and the video downlink, including a whopping 10" transflective screen and a solid state DVR. It remains to be seen how successful the first prototype will be…
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