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Rugged Gamepad

We've been working on several rugged hand-held GCS variants over the past few months different both in size and in function, because the basic RHH format lends itself easily to a scalable and modular set of weather-proof mission control solutions. Some of these are for direct payload control, LOS take-off and landing assist units, but…
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IP MIMO sector

Long range transparent IP MIMO link for the 2.4, 3.5 and 5GHz bands Although we've originally designed the stealth mobile antenna tracker specifically for our MIMO IP link, it works with all kinds of RF modules that require either diversity or downright MIMO type antennas. We also had to consider stationary downlink and control antennas…
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Modular RF boxes

As most of our customers need both long range and LOS ground control solutions, we designed the RHH to accept external RF boxes either docked or as remote devices. If you only need shorter ranges, the RF module can also be installed right inside the hand-held unit. The remote RF box can be attached through…
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Rugged hand-held GCS, RHH v2

This is v2 of our our new rugged Android hand-held GCS format. The changes are subtle, but they were needed for ergonomy and effecient small series or batch production. We have also created some system specific versions, most notably for the AirRails platform from the great VTOL FC developers at UAVenture.
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